An organization dedicated to helping Systems Engineers get their INCOSE ASEP or CSEP designation.   

The International Council on Systems Engineering(INCOSE) Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEPdesignation is a highly sought after certification for those engineers seeking recognition of their education, experience, and knowledge in the highly competitive field of Systems Engineering.  

Obtaining a CSEP designation is not easy, which is why it’s so valuable! First, you have to demonstrate your real world systems experience via a formal application that includes at least three professional references. Second, you need to pass a two-hour, 120-question, multiple-choice exam.

Still interested? Then take our three step approach in obtaining your INCOSE Systems Engineering Certification:

There is still time! Take the INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional Exam based on version 3.2

INCOSE has finally released INCOSE SE Handbook version 4 (SEHv4).

BUT -- prior to January 1st you can still take the old exam based on INCOSE SE Handbook version 3.2!!  So if you ever thought about getting SE Certified, this may be the time to do it. The new handbook will have more pages and processes, so sign up NOW and learn SEHv3.2 before the December 31, 2015 deadline. Our video course  allows you to study at your own pace and in your time frame. So sign-up now.

Here are the changes in SEHv4:

  • Expanded several chapters with more information from Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)
  • They now have 31 processes, while the older SE Handbook had 26.
  • Extra chapter on Crosscutting Systems Engineering Methods
  • Extra Appendix with a master list of all inputs/outputs identified for each SE process
I’m working on my new course and it is challenging to say the least. My advice: Take the Exam based on INCOSE SE Handbook version 3.2 before the end of the year.

By the way, if you buy my course now, and are unable to take the exam in time, you’ll still be enrolled in my new course based on SEHv4, when I debut it next year.

 We offer a recording of our free webinar which provides an extensive overview of the INCOSE organization, the certification process, and tips on filling out a proper and effective CSEP application.  Our best advice is to hold off on studying for the exam until your application has been accepted by INCOSE. Note: You cannot take the exam until INCOSE accepts your application.  



Once your application has been submitted, it's time to prepare for the exam.  SE Scholar has developed an on-line ASEP/CSEP Exam Preparation Course to help you better understand the INCOSE SE Handbook, which is the basis of the INCOSE Certification Exam.  The course will help you  contextualize the various Organizational, Project and Technical processes that are outlined in the Handbook.   


We strongly suggest you take the exam as close to the end of the ASEP/CSEP Exam Preparation Course as possible.  INCOSE will send you information on how to contact the Testing Organization, Prometric, to schedule the exam.


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