Testimonials of those who have successfully passed the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification Exam 

Through the years I’ve been privileged to teach several hundred students on preparing for the INCOSE ASEP/CSEP Exam. Here is some of the feedback I’ve received:

I have several recent students who provided very detail testimonies. Read about them >>HERE<<

  • I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent instruction. .... achieving this certification is a huge accomplishment for me ... You’ve been an instrumental part of this accomplishment. 
  • Paul has the material well organized and is able to keep the course moving while answering the student questions.    
  • I think Paul was an excellent instructor, i.e. knowledgable, professional, and personable.    
  • I really appreciate the fact that Paul has shared his experience with the certification application process. The information and tips that he has provided concerning the way that the test is given and the sample questions that he has given us contribute to a higher level of confidence that I now have. I detest trying to prepare for something like this in ignorance. I still feel daunted by the test both in terms of remembering all those bullet points as well as the length of a 120 question test but I recently successfully passed the CQE exam that was 160 questions in five hours. I’ll keep in touch. Thanks to Paul for offering to respond to questions in the future.  
  • I took a CSEP prep course from Paul last May and, after putting it off, finally took the exam in December and passed.  Just wanted to let you know.  Your prep course and materials were very helpful. I felt well-prepared for the exam, but it was still harder than expected.  I felt that the wording on some of the questions was confusing.  But I passed, and that’s what matters.
  • It helps when the teacher (Paul) adds comments/stories/annecdotes from his broad experience as a systems engineer because it makes the class more interesting, dynamic and insightful.
  • The instructor brings the rare combination of an engaging personality coupled with deep knowledge of the subject; all the while demonstrating confidence and implicit respect when interacting with novice students.
  • The schedule was good and the supporting materials seemed to be very good. Overall, an outstanding experience. Instructor was comfortable with the material and was able to answer questions right away.    
  • The sample application and advice on going through the process itself of getting certified was very good. Course material was easy to understand but tests were challenging due to subtleties in wording of various concepts, activities, inputs, and outputs.    
  • In general I am pleased with the course and think that Paul did a great job. There is a great deal of material in the Handbook so it presents a challenge in how to present it. … I think that reading the material ahead of class and then visually seeing it as well as hearing Paul discuss it was probably the optimum method of presentation. The Army says that you need to repeat something eight times before people learn it so I am up to number three in this case. The quizzes were good and I hope to maximize my use of them over the next few months as I find that testing myself and then going back to review the material is an effective way for me to learn the material.
  • This course takes a very complex topic and gives it structure and cohesion in order to impart knowledge as well as suggest best practices: two thumbs up !    
  • Course content was very well organized and had complete coverage of required material.    
  • Paul did a great job enduring lecturing for so many hours straight, and the course as presented is adequate for the objectives as it was delivered. The sample quizzes and summarized process diagrams are the best part of the course. Well done!
  • Paul is a good speaker and had great commentary on each topic, based on his extensive experience.    
  • Given that some sections of the [Handbook] are very dry, I appreciated Paul's effort to keep it interesting and engaging. I would think it was difficult, but he managed to keep my attention entire time I attended the class! GREAT job Paul!    
  • I found the tests particularly useful in pinpointing my areas of deficiency. In my prep for the CSEP test, I studied and took the test iteratively, gradually cementing my command of the subject    
  • I think Paul put a lot of effort into making the meat of the content clear and easy to understand. He did a great job.    
  • Instructor was clearly energized by the subject matter, and ably imparted his love of the subject.    
  • His enthusiasm and energy helped make dry material enjoyable.    
  • Great instructor! He was very animated and kept the course interesting. Good depth of knowledge. Definitely one of the best instructors I've had the opportunity to work with.    
  • Very engaging and entertaining. Keeps students interested in material.    
  • Excellent teacher, and great delivery.
  • Great energy. Paul did a great job on the day we had to conduct class online.
  • He obviously has had a long working career in SE and knows the material. Kept the focus on what is needed to pass the CSEP exam.
  • Just wanted to let you know I successfully passed the CSEP exam today. Thanks again for your help. You are an excellent instructor, and I appreciate your examples and explanations.
  • Just wanted to report that I took the CSEP exam today.  It took about an hour to complete and I passed. I credit your course with bringing me up to speed about the content and terminology of ISO/IEC 15288.
  • I really appreciate your quizzes because they let me get a feel for CSEP exam questions.
  • Paul's materials are very helpful, especially the diagram and the listing of the various processes.
  • The information Paul covered in class, along with the material provided, coupled with the quizzes are more than ample to prepare you for the test.
  • The INCOSE handbook, Paul's study guide, practice quizzes, and one page uberdiagram are all you need.
  • I'm one of the students who took the CSEP course this past August. I just wanted to let you know that I took the exam for the ASEP level last week and passed :-). Thanks for everything!
  • [I took] your March CSEP Prep Class.  I am writing to let you know that I sat for the CSEP yesterday.  I passed it on the first try.