Thank you for participating in our Free Webinar

Just to remind you this is Step 1 of a three step process.  Once your application has been completed,  Step 2 is to Learn the Handbook. SE Scholar has developed a on-line course to help you better understand the INCOSE SE Handbook, which is the basis of the INCOSE Certification Exam.  

At the end of the course the student will:

  • Received over 16 Hours of instructional lectures

  • Learn the framework of the 31 Processes within the INCOSE SE Handbook version 4.0.

  • Have access to dozens of practice Quizzes.

  • Be ready for the INCOSE SEP Exam

  • Start to appreciate the context of Systems Engineering

INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course [Self Paced Video version]

An on-line course consisting of 7 modules with over 16 hours of instructional videos, covering the entire INCOSE SE Handbook vs 4.0. Includes study guides, a comprehensive Process Flow diagram, practice quizzes and exams. Learn the material at your pace and in your time frame.

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