Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide test taking strategies in order to pass the INCOSE SEP Exam?

According to the INCOSE Certification  FAQ page, the exam is very straight forward.

“The certification examination questions are currently multiple-choice questions. All correct answers must be selected from the possible answers given to receive credit for answering a question. A typical question may have five possible answers listed of which three are correct. Partial credit is not given for a question.”

“We recommend study of the current version of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook which is the reference document for the certification examination.”

 So our INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation course focuses on (1) the content of the INCOSE SE Handbook and (2) getting comfortable with the  multi-choice/multi-answer format, which is why we have practice quizzes before and after each module.  I also encourage you to read the Testimonies provided. They will also give you assurances that the course will indeed prepare you for the exam.

How does your Guarantee work?

Pass your INCOSE SEP Exam on the first try or the second try is on us. Email ( us a copy of your SEP test results which shows you failed, and we’ll refund you the cost to Prometrics for you to take the test again.

How long do I have once I've purchase the training course before it expires, prior to taking the INCOSE Exam?

There is no expiration once you buy the course. You'll have access until you pass the exam.

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How can I stop emails from you?

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