INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification Exam Preparation Class for the Individual

Pass the INCOSE SEP exam by learning the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook




Pass the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification Exam with the World’s Best SEP Exam Preparation Online Video Training Course!

Our self-paced online SEP Exam preparation training helps you fully prepare for the INCOSE SEP certification exam – even if you’re working full­‐time.

  • Uses a proprietary comprehensive Process Flow diagram, which walks you through all 31 Processes from the SE Handbook
  • Includes numerous quizzes, as well as a sample exam which can be repeated as many times as the student desires
  • Study anywhere, anytime on your Phone, Tablet or PC

Our Guarantee: Pass your INCOSE SEP Exam on the first try or the second try is on us.

Free Stuff

Free Webinar

Understanding the INCOSE Certification Process




You'll receive:

  • Our Lecture on Understanding the INCOSE Certification Process
    • Learn about the INCOSE organization
    • Get details on the certification process
    • Get  tips on filling out a proper and effective CSEP application

Here’s your chance to get a real “Try Before You Buy” experience.

We’ll provide you access to the tools we use to deliver our online course including the Canvas classroom webportal.

  • Sample Quiz - we provide a sample Quiz from our INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course.
  • A copy of a study guide of all 31 processes in the handbook.
  • A discount code for our INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course


We'll send you instructions on how to access our FREE video on “Understanding the INCOSE Certification Process”  as well as some free material to help you on your road to certification.

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Free Video

Watch a 8 minute video describing the 3 step process of obtaining the INCOSE SEP Certification.

SE Scholar's presentation on "How to get INCOSE Certified in 3 Steps."

Free Activity Book

Check out our free Activity Book - and "Learn about INCOSE's SEP Certification Process"

Includes coloring pages, hidden words, a certification maze, cross word puzzle, and more. Follow Certi, as she successfully navigates the INCOSE SEP Certification process. 


How our INCOSE SEP Certification Exam Preparation Class Works

SE Scholar uses an open, easy-to-use, cloud-native Learning Management System (LMS) from Instructure called Canvas. 

If you are presently a student, use the above Canvas button to Log-In

If you are presently a student, use the above Canvas button to Log-In

Once you signed up for one of our Courses (either our free Webinar or our On-Line Class) you’ll be getting an e-mail from Instructure Canvas with the subject line Course Invitation. ‏

The link in the e-mail will take you to our course web page.

Accept the invitation at the top of the page. If you have a Canvas account, then sign-in. If you’re new to Canvas, please register for an account by following the instructions provided.

More information can be found at this Canvas Help article on signing up as a new student.


Once you have access to the class web portal, you can access it 24/7. All the material is there for you.

INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course [Self Paced Video version]

An on-line course consisting of 7 modules with over 16 hours of instructional videos, covering the entire INCOSE SE Handbook vs 4.0. Includes study guides, a comprehensive Process Flow diagram, practice quizzes and exams. Learn the material at your pace and in your time frame.

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Who we are

Your on-line instructor will be Paul Martin, ESEP, CTT+

Paul has a unique and passionate training style that keeps students interest at a high level. 

Paul has been teaching  SEP Exam Preparation Courses since 2009 and has taught several hundred students.

Success Stories from Previous Students

Through the years I’ve been privileged to teach several hundred students on preparing for the INCOSE SEP Exam. Here is some of the success stories I’ve received:

I took the exam last week and passed. ... I highly recommend the course, which I took offline at my own pace. The process interaction drawing that Paul provides is worth the cost of the course itself. The first time I saw this process interaction I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information and didn’t see how it would be useful. However, Paul presents the handbook in a custom sequence of chapters and builds the process diagram up piece by piece.
— Patricia (Dec 12017)
I did pass the CSEP exam on my first try. Your system is brilliant and I strongly believe contributed to my understanding of the flow and sequencing in my slowing brain. I blew up the diagram 3 ft by 4 ft and looked at it during my study and video program. There is no words I can say better than the job well done: Thank you for putting one of those banners behind a fixed wing airplane in the sky.
— Rowen (Jun 2017)
Thanks for the well structured course, it provides a good foundation for further studying. Not knowing what is expected from the exam, and not knowing what they rate as a pass was the most difficult for me. But the tests and questions you provided gave a good basis for what to expect at the exam, even though in the exam the questions are worded differently. So I took the exam, and passed first time, which is a major relief.
— Jens (Jun 2017)
Thanks for the instruction. I had been reading the material for a few months and had the opportunity to focus on your method of instruction over the past two weeks. I passed the exam on the first attempt. From the online class, the diagram really helped me conceptualize the inputs, process, and outputs.
— Jan (Apr 2017)

INCOSE SEP Certification Exam Preparation Class for the Team

Have your company be recognized for its strong Systems Engineering competency!

Increase your company’s competitive advantage

We’re the only training provider that offers an entire INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation course entirely online so your Systems Engineers can study at their pace and in their timeframe.

  • We can provide either a Live webinar class or access to Pre-recorded lectures.
  • The first webinar Understanding the INCOSE SEP Certification Process specifically for your SE Team is FREE!
  • Each student will have access to the Course web portal - which will include all the lectures and class material such as
    • The comprehensive Process Flow diagram,
    • Lecture slides,
    • Study guide,
    • Numerous quizzes and a randomized sample exam.
  • Since this will be an exclusive class for your company, you can make the Course web portal more geared to your employees.
    • Include a message from your Chief SE, your Technical Director or company CEO
    • Brand the site with your company logo.

E-mail us today at and ask us about our prices.  We’ll even give your senior System Engineer access to our main Course web portal so they can check out the total package before you buy.

Set your organization apart from the rest.


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