Have your company be recognized for its strong Systems Engineering competency!

Give your Systems Engineers the tools they need to be SEP Certified!

We’re the only training provider that offers an entire INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation course entirely on-line so your people can study at their pace and in their timeframe.


Our delivery method will be 0n-line, either live webinar format or links to pre-recorded videos. Here are the two options:

  • Option 1 - Live webinar classes: The students would attend 7 two ~ three hour webinar classes. These will occur two evenings a week over a 4 week period. Each class has a reading assignment, several quizzes, and the lecture. Instructions on how to connect to the Webinar site will be in the Course web portal. A link will be e-mailed to each student a half hour before each class. Each class will be recorded so students who miss the class can review the lectures at their convenience.

  • Option 2 - Pre-recorded lectures: This will be just like option 1 except the live lectures will be replaced with pre-recorded lectures. This way the student can watch them at their convenience and in their timeframe.  I'll be available for any questions on the material.

Both options include:

  • Access to the Course web portal - which will include all the class material such as the comprehensive Process Flow diagram, slides, reading assignments, study guide (doesn’t include the INCOSE SE Handbook - but we show how to get the free pdf from INCOSE). Also includes numerous quizzes and a randomized sample exam. These quizzes and exams can be taken as many times as the student wants.

  • The course sequence will be:
    • Class 2: Introduction to SE and the Life Cycle Model
    • Class 3: SE Approaches
    • Class 4: Project Planning From a SE Point Of View
    • Class 5: SE and Technical Management Processes
    • Class 6: Requirements
    • Class 7: Design
    • Class 8: Technical Processes
  • The Course web portal will be kept open after the classes are done to ensure that any future company Systems Engineer can also get INCOSE certified. With the recorded videos, they’ll be able learn the material at their own pace.

Since this will be an exclusive class for your company, there will be opportunity for you to make the Course web portal more geared to your employees. I can place a message from your Chief SE, your Technical Director or company CEO, to encourage your employees. We can even brand the site with your company logo.

One last consideration: We do have a “try before you buy” option, where we give you access to Class 1: Understanding the INCOSE SEP Certification Process class web portal.  This gives you an opportunity to see what tools we use to deliver our on-line option -- our conferencing software for the lectures and our on-line classroom for the class material. We can even set a date for a live webinar for Class 1 which would be exclusive to your employees. This would be totally free and a chance to see how this on-line concept works. We can arrange this before you commit to using SE Scholar.

E-mail us today at and ask us about our prices.  We’ll even give your senior System Engineer access to our main Course web portal so they can check out the total package before you buy.

Set your organization apart from the rest.