The importance of Marketing to the engineer


When I first meet my future wife and she told me she was in marketing I quickly explained that I was her slave ... in a professional sense. Engineers are just totally dependent on Marketing to tell us what the customer wants and needs.  Once we know that we can go about actually creating the product to meet these desires.

And then there's the reverse of this situation. Engineers have created something new or upgraded an existing product. Now Marketing is in the unenviable position of creating a marketing campaign to extol the products characteristics and convince the customer that their life is not complete without this product or upgrade.

Below is a Microsoft produced 5 minute long "rap" commercial extolling the virtues of MS DOS 5.

Warning -- This is way too funny. I mean it "Frees 45k of memory, at least"

That looks like way too much fun. Makes me wonder if I should have picked Marketing as a profession instead of Engineering. (If you're having issues playing the video --  go directly to YouTube to see the classic MS-DOS 5 Update Video)