The girl engineer in my life

There's a confluence of two celebrations this month (Feb 2010) that for me personally hit home.


The first: The well regarded and well know celebration of my chosen profession, National Engineer's Week. A week long celebration that makes New Orleans celebration of the Saint's Superbowl victory look like a picnic. We're talking about Future City Competitions and School presentations and other neat stuff, which I can't think of right now.

But the best part of the whole holiday is today's "Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day, February 19, 2009"

Which actually brings me to the second celebration. The less well know celebration of an obscure monk named Valentine. You may not be aware of this tradition of blessing the loved ones in your lives with cards, flowers and candy but I am one a few who know and follow the old ways.

One of my loved ones is my daughter Stephanie who is in her third year at University of Maryland, College Park, on her way to an Engineering degree. She's smart, beautiful and an absolute gem.

So I'm posting today in order to tell my favorite women engineer in my life, "I love you and couldn't be prouder. Keep up the good work."